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Austrian class ( kkStB ) 170 a very succesful locomotive design 1D-n2v ( 2-8-0 ) of which 796 locomotives were built in 1897-1919 plus 44 for the private Sudbahn Company.Then the production continued in Czechoslovakia with further 58 locomotives.Thus a total of 796+44+58 = 898 locomotives were built. In 1919-1927 the locomotived were distributed to:

AustriaBBгclass 170
CzechoslovakiaCSDclass 434.0
JugoslaviaJDZclass 24
ItalyFSclass 729
PolandPKPclass Tr11

In 1938 the BBг locomotives become Deutsche Reichsbahn DRB class 56.31 on which later in 1941-1944 also number of captured JDZ and PKP locomotives were added. In addition the Germans leased from FS nearly all their class 729 locomotives and the Italians also used the locomotives on their army lines of supply routes from Italy to Russian front.

Jukka Nurminen