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Please find enclosed the information which is missing from Russian Narrow-Gauge Diesel and Electric Locomotives Volume 1.
All the builder details are missing from the book.

Baldwin 0-6-0 50 hp gasoline locomotives for Russia.
Gauge 750 mm 660 mm DW
1-6Bald43144 - 431484.1916Russian Government
7-11Bald43179 - 431834.1916Russian Government
12-17Bald43254 - 432594.1916Russian Government
18-30Bald43373 - 433855.1916Russian Government
31-50Bald43413 - 434325.1916Russian Government
51-75Bald43464 - 434886.1916Russian Government
76-125Bald43588 - 436376.1916Russian Government
126-149Bald43689 - 437237.1916Russian Government
151-200Bald43731 - 437807.1916Russian Government
201-220Bald43798 - 438177.1916Russian Government
221-250Bald43821 - 438507.1916Russian Government
251-300Bald43884 - 439338.1916Russian Government
301-350Bald44004 - 440539.1916Russian Government

So published in my Baldwin locomotive list.

Jukka Nurminen