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If we start with the Finnish VR 1524 mm gauge steam locomotives I can see that list Based to Rakov is correct regarding the days of The Grand Duchy of Finland. Except for class K4 1D-h2 Nos 618-637 ( ALCo 1917 ). True, they were ordered on 20.10.1916 and built by ALCo (The American Locomotive Company) in 1917 but they were delivered to Finland in 1918 and 1919 when Finland was independent state, declared her independence on December 6.1917. The first five locomotives were shipped to Narvik in Norway in April 1918 and transported as " kits " to Tampere where newly founded Lokomo started to compile them. The locomotives were ready for service in June 1918. The remaining 15 locomotives stayed in United States and were shipped by spring 1919 to Helsinki.They were compiled to running order at VR Helsinki and Viipuri Works. They entered into service in summer 1919. Thus, they were not delivered to Grand Duchy of Finland. In their working life the only commection what they had to Soviet Union was that a number of them were allocated to Ддnislinna ( Petroskoi / Petrozavodsk ) depot in 1942- 1944 hauling trains to Karhumдki,Syvдri and Suojдrvi. ( original Karelian / Finnish place names ). Vitali Rakov did not know this and placed them also in his 1991 book.

But during the days when Finland was part of Russian Empire there were lot common in railway field. SVR ( Suomen Valtionrautatiet )[ FinlandDs State Railways ] owned and operated also the line from Valkeasaari to St.Petersburg Finland station ( double track 41 km ) and paid also 1 / 3 of the connecting line expenses.
Here you have those which were in Petrograd when the border was closed in April 1918.

A4712B-n2Baldwin35671873( used as mobile steam boiler ) + 1918
C130C-n2Neilson14361869+ 1918 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
C236C-n2Avonside Engine7651869+ 1918 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
C481C-n2SiglN22111875+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia ) 1)
C483C-n2SiglN22131875+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia ) 1)
C489C-n2SiglN22191875+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia ) 1)
H12322C-n2Baldwin157511898bought back to VR in 1925
H22932C-n2Richmond29911900bought back to VR in 1925
H22972C-n2Richmond29951900bought back to VR in 1925
H23292C-n2Richmond31531901bought back to VR in 1925
H23322C-n2Richmond31561901bought back to VR in 1925
H23332C-n2Richmond31571901bought back to VR in 1925
H54792C-h2Tampere1361909bought back to VR in 1923
H54822C-h2Tampere1461909bought back to VR in 1923
H54832C-h2Tampere1471909bought back to VR in 1923
H54842C-h2Tampere1481909bought back to VR in 1923
H54852C-h2Tampere1491909bought back to VR in 1923
H85482C-h2Tampere2391915bought back to VR in 1928
H85582C-h2Tampere2491915bought back to VR in 1928
H85642C-h2Tampere2551916bought back to VR in 1928
H85652C-h2Tampere2571916bought back to VR in 1928
H85672C-h2Tampere2591916bought back to VR in 1928
H85682C-h2Tampere2601916bought back to VR in 1928
H75162C-h2Tampere1891912bought back to VR in 1923
H75172C-h2Tampere1901912bought back to VR in 1923
H75182C-h2Tampere1911912bought back to VR in 1923
H75222C-h2Tampere1961912bought back to VR in 1923
H75232C-h2Tampere2001912bought back to VR in 1923
H75242C-h2Tampere2021913bought back to VR in 1923
H75252C-h2Tampere2031913bought back to VR in 1923
G31731C-n2vSLM7301892+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
G103511C-n2vSchwartzkopff29351901+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
G103581C-n2vSchwartzkopff29421901+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
G113791C-n2vTampere281902+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
G113811C-n2vTampere301902bought back to VR in 1928
G113951C-n2vTampere441902+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
G113961C-n2vTampere451902bought back to VR in 1928
G114011C-n2vTampere501903bought back to VR in 1928
G114021C-n2vTampere511903bought back to VR in 1928
G72421C-n2Baldwin157001898bought back to VR in 1925
G72431C-n2Baldwin157011898bought back to VR in 1925
G72481C-n2Baldwin157291898bought back to VR in 1925
G72491C-n2Baldwin157301898bought back to VR in 1925
G72511C-n2Baldwin157321898bought back to VR in 1925
G72531C-n2Baldwin157341898bought back to VR in 1925
G73061C-n2Baldwin175571900bought back to VR in 1925
G73121C-n2Baldwin175631900bought back to VR in 1925
G73131C-n2Baldwin175641900bought back to VR in 1925
K36051D-h2Tampere2741917bought back to VR in 1928
K36071D-h2Tampere2761917bought back to VR in 1928
K36081D-h2Tampere2771917bought back to VR in 1928
K36091D-h2Tampere2781917bought back to VR in 1928
K36111D-h2Tampere2801917bought back to VR in 1928
L1532Ct-n2Tampere2151913bought back to VR in 1928
L1537Ct-n2Tampere2201914bought back to VR in 1928
L1538Ct-n2Tampere2211914+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )
L1539Ct-n2Tampere2221914bought back to VR in 1928
L1540Ct-n2Tampere2231914bought back to VR in 1928
L1543Ct-n2Tampere2261914+ 1920 ( stayed in Soviet Russia )

1) These three were renumbered:

SiglN 22111875VR 1875-1879 No 621879-1887 No 2141887 -> No 81
SiglN 22131875VR 1875-1879 No 641879-1887 No 2161887 -> No 83
SiglN 22191875VR 1875-1879 No 701879-1887 No 2221887 -> No 89

Class K3 locomotives were sent in 1917 to Omsk to haul grain trains back to Finland but were blocked to Petrograd and stayed there for 10 years. The above mentioned locomotives were mostly allocated to Petrograd / Leningrad Finland station depot.Those which stayed in Soviet Russia were not at the time at Leningrad when other members were bought back to Finland.
Then during the Finnish Civil War 28.01 - 30.04.1918 a number of VR locomotives were driven by the Finnish Reds to Soviet Russia. They stayed there to to 1923-1928 before being bought back to Finland. But not all. Some stayed in Soviet Russia and were never returned.

In Winter War VR lost six locomotives to Soviet Union. All others were evacuated behind the new Moscow Peace Border.

G103531C-n2vSchwartzkopff29531901no trace afterward
H22942C-h2Richmond29921900found in bes serija
K24701D-n2vTampere1231907Leningrad Junction Zh.D./ October Zh.D.
K36151D-h2Tampere2841917reported ( wrongly) as NKO 613
K36171D-h2Tampere2861917October Zh.D. Sold back to VR in 1951
I13011C2t-h2Baldwin175651900no trace afterward

Then in summer 1940 Soviet Union started to pressure and blackmail Finland to cede 75 locomotives to Soviet Union to operate the railway lines ( 972 km ) which were ceded under Moscow Peace Treaty to Soviet Union. These 75 locomotives were ceced to Soviet Union between July 15. and September 7.1940.

G73061C-h2Baldwin175571900-> Zh-306 2)
G73071C-h2Baldwin175581900-> ( no information )
G93601C-h2Tampere91901-> ( no information )
G93621C-h2Tampere111901-> Zh-362 +1943? 2)
G93631C-h2Tampere121901-> bes serija 363
G93701C-h2Tampere191901-> ( no information )
G103501C-h2Schwartzkopff29341901-> Zh-350 2)
G103521C-h2Schwartzkopff29361901-> Zh-352 2) reclassifeid to K-352
G103541C-h2Schwartzkopff29381901-> Zh-354 2) 1941 EAW Dunaburg ( Latvia ) DR-Ost
G103551C-h2Schwartzkopff29391901-> Zh-355 2)
G103561C-h2Schwartzkopff29401901-> Zh-356 Sverdlovsk Zh.D. MPD Nizhni Tagil 1952 -> industrial use 2)
G103571C-h2Schwartzkopff29411901-> Zh-357 2)
H12322C-h2Baldwin157511898-> N1-232 3)
H12342C-h2Baldwin157531898-> N1-234 1942 Kaganovitsh Zh.D. -> Sverdlovsk Zh.D. MPD Nizhni Tagil 1951 -> industrial use 3)
H12352C-h2Baldwin157541898-> N1-235 1946 -> industrial use 3)
H12362C-h2Baldwin157551898-> ( no information )
H12372C-h2Baldwin157561898-> ( no information )
H22912C-h2Richmond29891900-> N2-291 Oktober Zh.D -> Kaganovitsh Zh D. 1946 -> industrial use 3)
H22952C-h2Richmond29931900-> N2-295 Oktober Zh.D. 3)
H22982C-h2Richmond29961900-> N2-296 Oktober Zh.D. 3)
H54522C-h2Tampere10419061)-> N5-452 1946 Rjazan-Ural Zh.D. 3)
H54532C-h2Tampere10519061)-> ( no information )
H54782C-h2Tampere1351909-> N5-478 Sverdlovsk Zh.D.MPD Nizhni Tagil 1951 -> industrial use 3)
H54792C-h2Tampere1361909-> N5-479 1944 Stalin Zh.D 1946 -> ? 3)
H54802C-h2Tampere1371909-> N5-480 1945 Kovel Zh.D. +1955 3)
H54812C-h2Tampere1451909-> N5-481 October Zh.D.1944-1947 MPD Dno 3)
H54822C-h2Tampere1461909-> N5-482 1945 -> industrial use 3)
H54832C-h2Tampere1471909-> FBw Nikolajev ( Ukraina ) DR-Ost -> NKPS 1944 bes serija
H54842C-h2Tampere1481909-> ( no information )
H75162C-h2Tampere1891912-> 1946 Stalin Zh.D.
H75172C-h2Tampere1901912-> 1947 Juzhnij Zh.D
H75182C-h2Tampere1911912-> 1946 Stalin Zh.D. Numbered 47.518
I13051C2t-h2Baldwin175691900-> I1-305 Gulag SZhD 1946 -> industrial use
K12711D-h2Baldwin173011899-> K1-271 1946 -> industrial use
K12721D-h2Baldwin173021899-> K1-272 1946 -> industrial use
K12731D-h2Baldwin173031899-> industrial use
K12741D-h2Baldwin173041899-> 1945 Leningrad Junction Zh.D.
K12771D-h2Baldwin173121899-> K1-277 1946 -> industrial use
K12841D-h2Baldwin174161900-> K1-284 1941 EAW Dunaburg ( Latvia ) DR-Ost 1943 -> VR Tk1-284 +1958
K37121D-h2Hanomag103011923-> K3-712 Oktober Zh.D. 1946 -> Estonia shale industry
K37131D-h2Hanomag103021923-> K3-713 Kirov Zh.D +1954
K37141D-h2Hanomag103031923-> 1945 in industrial use
K37151D-h2Hanomag103041923-> 1946 Gorki Zh.D.
K37161D-h2Hanomag103051923-> K3-716 Oktober Zh.D. Bought back to VR in 1951 Tv1-716 +1969
K37171D-h2Hanomag103061923-> K3-717 1947 -> industrial use
K37181D-h2Hanomag103071923-> K3-718 1948 -> industrial use
K37191D-h2Hanomag103081923-> K3-719 1946 -> Estonia shale industry
K37201D-h2Hanomag103091923-> K3-720 Oktober Zh.D. Bought back to VR in 1951 Tv1-720 +1969
K37211D-h2Hanomag103101923-> K3-721 Oktober Zh.D.1946
K58181D-h2Tampere3831928-> Kirov Zh.D.+1954
K58191D-h2Tampere3841928-> Severnij Zh.D.+1955
K58201D-h2Tampere3851928-> Oktober Zh.D.1947 -> Estonia shale industry
K58211D-h2Tampere3861928-> Oktober Zh.D.Bought back to VR in 1951 Tk3-821 +1969
K58221D-h2Tampere3871928-> Oktober Zh.D.Bought back to VR in 1951 Tk3-822 +1966
K58241D-h2Tampere3891928-> Oktober Zh.D.1946 -> Estonia shale industry
K58251D-h2Tampere3911928-> industrial use
K58261D-h2Tampere3921928-> Krasnojarsk Zh.D.
K58271D-h2Tampere3931928-> Kirov Zh.D.+1954
K58281D-h2Tampere3941928-> 1946 Lvov Works +1956
K58701D-h2Lokomo1011930-> Kalinin Zh.D. 1949 MPD Novo Sokoliki
K58741D-h2Tampere4141929-> K5-874 1941 EAW Dunaburg ( Latvia ) DR-Ost 1942 -> VR Tk3-874 +1966
K58751D-h2Tampere4151929-> K5-875 Kirov Zh.D.? +1954
K58761D-h2Tampere4161929-> K5-876 Kuibyshev Zh.D.1948
K58771D-h2Tampere4171929-> Oktober Zh.D.-> Perm Zh.D.-> Severnij Zh.D.1946 -> Estonia shale industry
K58821D-h2Tampere4221929-> ( no information )
K58831D-h2Tampere4231929-> Oktober Zh.D.-> Severnij Zh.D.+1954
K58851D-h2Tampere4251930-> ? locomotive written off from MPS locomotive register in 1951.
K58861D-h2Tampere4261930-> Oktober Zh.D.Bought back to VR in 1951 Tk3-886 +1965
K58871D-h2Tampere4271930-> K5-887 1941 EAW Dunaburg ( Latvia ) DR-Ost 1942 -> VR Tk3-887 +1967
K58881D-h2Tampere4281930-> ? 1945?
K58891D-h2Tampere4291930-> Oktober Zh.D. 1946 -> Estonia shale industry
K58901D-h2Tampere4301930-> ? 1948 -> industrial use
K58911D-h2Tampere4311930-> Oktober Zh.D. +1954
L1530Ct-h2Tampere2131913-> ( no information )
L1531Ct-h2Tampere2141913-> L1-531 +1951

1) No 452 and 453 were,when built, two sylinder compound locomotives using saturated steam. 2C-n2v. In 1929-1930 both locomotives were rebuilt to two sylinder simple expansion locomotives. They received also new class H5 superheated boilers.Thus the class was changed from H3 to H5 but the numbers remainad the same. Also the Vmax 80 was increased to Vmax 85.Class from 1942 Hk3.
2) So really shown in Leningrad archive locomotive cards. I think when VR G10 was built by Schwartzkopff someone at MPS " paperworkers department " decided to that the Cyrillic Zh represents better this class than German sound G10.
3) Regarding VR classes H ( in Latin letter ) it was not altered to Cyrillic X this these locomotives become Class H = N ( Cyrillic! ).
I think all locomotives marked ( no information ) were captured by the Germans in 1941 and become DR-Ost locomotives. As late as on 15.06.1943 there were 15 " unknown " locomotives registered by DR-Ost.
RVD Minsk - 1 locomotive
RVD Kiew - 1 locomotive
RVD Djepro - 4 locomotives
FEKdo 4 - 9 locomotives ( this railway covered the lines east of Baltic States )

Actually in March 1940 there were some already abandoned VR locomotives without number plates at Vдrtsilд Iron Works waiting to be scrapped.The Russians demanded these wrecks to be left there.In April 1940 this iron works become part of Gulag Kдkisalmi lager ( Keksholmskaja lag ) and these locomotives become property of NKVD.They seems to have been repaired(!)and later used on Sorokka ( Belomorsk) - Obozerskaja 353 km railway building which was carried out by Gulag Sorotskoje lag in 1940-1942.

H23312C-h2Richmond31551901+ 1939 ( accident )
G11431C-n2SLM5071888+ 1939
G11581C-n2SLM6651891+ 1938
G12001C-n2SLM9951896+ 1938
G82551C-n2Richmond27501898+ 1938
G82581C-n2Richmond27531898+ 1938
G82641C-n2Richmond27591898+ 1939
G82651C-n2Richmond27601898+ 1938
G93651C-n2Tampere141901+ 1939

There have migh been even more.

Then,from Enso-Gutzeit Company at least these ex VR locomotives had to be ceded in March 1940

EnsoNo1C-n2Hanomag14761882 ( ex VR C5-109 ) bes serija 1 01.07.1945 Severnij Zh.D.!
EnsoNo2C-n2Hanomag14701881 ( ex VR C5-103 ) bes serija 2/1470 01.10.1947 Severnij Zh.D.!
EnsoNo31C-n2SLM3981885 ( ex VR G1-117 )
EnsoNo51C-n2Tampere191901 ( ex VR G9-369 ) bes serija 5 01.02.1947 Lithuanian Zh.D.!
EnsoNo61C-n2Tampere101901 ( ex VR G9-361 ) recaptured at Pitkдranta 1941 ceded again in 1944. bes serija 01.07.1947 Gorki Zh.D.

In June-July 1944 VR lost to the battle zone 9 locomotives. ( in addition also some war booty locomotives )

G32151C-h2SLM11101898-> 01.06.1945 Oktober Zh.D.( actually was left in 09.1944 to Alakurtti ) become ? UVVR 11 ?
G82591C-h2Richmond27541898-> + 1945 VR ( actually was left in 09.1944 to Alakurtti )
K12791D-h2Baldwin173141899-> K3-279 1)
K12871D-h2Baldwin174191900-> K1-287 1949 -> industrial use
K24161D-n2vTampere661904-> K5-416 1)
K35961D-h2Tampere2981920-> Damaged at Jдppilд -> Oktober Zh.D.+1950
K37091D-h2Tampere3291924-> Oktober Zh.D. MPD Malaja Vishera +1951
K37281D-h2Tampere3361924-> Kirov Zh.D. 1948 -> Forest Ministry
K39031D-h2Nohab18261928-> Kirov Zh.D. +1954 ( was left to Mдkriд 28.06.1944 with 26 freight car train full of war material )
K58711D-h2Tampere4111929-> Kirov Zh.D. 1946 -> Oktober Zh.D.1947 -> Leningrad Zh.D.

1)The last two are really errors made by the person in Soviet Union who registered these locomotives to NKPS books.

During the war in 1943 three VR locomotives were returned by the Germans from Latvia to Finland. There were in Finland a total of 302 so called " War Booty " locomotives from various sources.Most of them were sent by the Germans from Tallinn to Helsinki in 1941-1943. The list includes ex EVR,LVD,LG,PKP and NKPS locomotives all 1524 mm gauge.But there were also some from Soviet industry. All were returned to Soviet Union in 1944-1945.
I have noted a big error in Leningrad ( now St.Petersburg ) archive.The person who registered them in Leningrad marked all ex PKP class Tp104 ( former Russian Ov ) locomotives to class S 1C1-h2 !
Class E 2000-2026 were " War Booty " locomotives which VR renumbered to class Tr2 2000-2026.When returned to Soviet Union in 1944-1945 they retained their VR numbers but become again class E.

Tr2-2000E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4366NyHo15511922
Tr2-2001E-h2ex NKPS Em 725-45...
Tr2-2002E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4481NyHo16661923
Tr2-2003E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4123NyHo13081922
Tr2-2004E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4420NyHo16051923
Tr2-2005E-h2ex NKPS Em 735-42...
Tr2-2006E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4358NyHo15431922
Tr2-2007E-h2ex NKPS Em 725-40...
Tr2-2008E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4393NyHo15781922
Tr2-2009E-h2ex NKPS Ek 1400Luga. 
Tr2-2010E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4350NyHo15351922
Tr2-2011E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4379NyHo15641922
Tr2-2012E-h2ex NKPS Em 716-11...
Tr2-2013E-h2ex NKPS Ek 1406Luga. 
Tr2-2014E-h2ex NKPS Em 724-80...
Tr2-2015E-h2ex NKPS Em 734-65...
Tr2-2016E-h2ex NKPS Em 725-54...
Tr2-2017E-h2ex NKPS Em 725-50...
Tr2-2018E-h2ex NKPS Eu 702-89...
Tr2-2019E-h2ex NKPS Eg 5411LiHo24381922
Tr2-2020E-h2ex NKPS E 2447Luga.1917
Tr2-2021E-h2ex NKPS E 2804Hark28041922
Tr2-2022E-h2ex NKPS Em 725-14...
Tr2-2023E-h2ex NKPS Em 735-46...
Tr2-2024E-h2ex NKPS Er 743-13Luga.1935
Tr2-2025E-h2ex NKPS Esh 4298NyHo14831921
Tr2-2026E-h2ex NKPS Er 740-09.. 

Then in 1951 VR bought from Soviet Union back class K3 locomotives 617 and 716.Also class K5 locomotives nos 821,822 and 886.

As the war reparation VR had to cede in 1945 one class Tk3 ( K5 ) locomotive direct from the factory. The VR class Tk3 ( formely K5 ) locomotive which was ceded to Soviet Union in 1945 due late war reparation deliveries was Tk3-1115 ( Lokomo 153 / 1945 ). This brand new locomotive went direct from factory to war reparations.
But since the archives of that period opened in 1995 ( after 50 years secrecy time ) it was found out that Lokomo had given to Soteva,an organisation who handled the war reparation deliveries, " railway material " Originally VR had ordered from Lokomo nos 1117-1128 on 27.05.1943 but the factory was unable to build these and the whole order was cancelled in 1945. But Tk3-1117 was nearly completed and Tk3-1118 was partly completed by the time of order cancellation. Both locomotives ( or " railway material " ) were also given to Soteva which sent them as war reparation material to Soviet Union.Both locomotives were compiled and finished at one Leningrad Works and placed into service as Fl ( in Cyrillic letters! ). Fl 10,7-1117 had even its locomotive book in Finnish but Fl 10.7-1118 had Russian locomotive book. The 10.7 shows maximum axle load. Both had been allocated to one Leningrad depot. Have you heard of this type of other locomotive classes in Soviet Union.? This is new history.Fl was in Cyrillic letters. Fl = Finlandij 10.7 ton axle load locomotive No 1117 and 1118.

Next year 1946, the Danish Frichs built B shunting tractors ( Frichs 363-366 / 1946 ) were also ceded as war reparations by Soteva to Soviet Union. As far as I know they were sent across the border only with their danish factory works numbers.

Then the American World War Two deliveries. Did you know that 20 locomotives which were not delivered to Soviet Union were rebuilt and sold to Finland becoming VR class 1300-1319. We have tried to find out which locomotives they were in original numberings but we have not been able to solve these numbers. Class Tr2 " Trumans " were written off VR books in 1964-1969. This was a most powerful steam locomotive class to operate in Finland. They were replaced by 2800 hp Hr13 COCO-de locomotives.

1300Baldwin732271946+ 1965
1301Baldwin732281946+ 1965
1302Baldwin732291946+ 1966
1303Baldwin732301946+ 1965
1304Baldwin732311946+ 1969
1305Baldwin732321946+ 1969
1306Baldwin732331946+ 1969
1307Baldwin732341946+ 1969
1308Baldwin732351946+ 1969
1309Baldwin732361946+ 1964 ( collision )
1310ALCo-S752051947+ 1969
1311ALCo-S752061947+ 1966
1312ALCo-S752071947+ 1966
1313ALCo-S752081947+ 1969
1314ALCo-S752091947+ 1969
1315ALCo-S752101947+ 1966
1316ALCo-S752111947+ 1965
1317ALCo-S752121947+ 1969
1318ALCo-S752131947+ 1966
1319ALCo-S752141947+ 1969

In addition in 1915-1916 few private railways and industrial locomotives were confiscated by the Imperial Russian Army from The Grand Duchy of Finland to Russian Empire.

Jukka Nurminen