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This material have never before published in Soviet Union and now a days Russia.

FS class 835 Ct-n2 DW 1310 Cyl 420x580 Boiler pressure 12 kg / cm2

Among the 12 standard locomotive classes picked up to work the new FS or Ferrovie Dello Stato ( State Railways ) in 1905, that for shunting work was Torino - designed and had a boiler in common with the previous 829 and 830 locomotive classes. The new Firenze locomotive headquarters gave the class 835 larger cylinders than the previous two classes,while the chimney,dome and cab took the Firenze appearence.As an oddity it might be recorded that locomotive 835.058 was later rebuilt with an class 805 boiler,noted so running in 1946. The first 97 locomotives had a counter-pressure brake to begin with,that the steam was injected into the cylinders of the pistons to slow the locomotive down by its cushioning action.Many 1800-century Italian main line steam locomotives had counter-pressure brakes,it was a feature got rid of with relief as the air brake spread from 1890s and the class 835 class were among the last in Italy to be so fitted. The class was fitted with steam brakes starting from locomotive 835.098,and the earlier members of the class were converted,the only use made of the steam brake on the Ferrovie Dello Stato. From the middle of 1920s a start was made on equipping the class 835 locomotives with standard ait brakes,but not all of the class had been converted with air brakes by the time in 1950s when they were withdrawn from the service.
As one of the largest locomotive classes od the FS,the class 835 locomotives were used all over Italy. In 1944 the Western Allied had captured 65 locomotives of this class in Sisilia and southern part of Italy.Many class 835 locomotives which remained in German controlled northern part of the country were send from June 1944 onwards for repairs into Germany due increased Allied bombings against the railway targets. In 1946 the Jugoslavian Railways took locomotives 835.019,835198 and 835.220 into their books at Pola,but it did not bother to give them new numbers and the old FS numbers remained in use as long as the locomotives were operating on JDZ. Those which were in Western Occupation Zones in Germany were returned to Italy from November 1945.
But those which were found from Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany were not returmed.The reason for this was the dispute of the war reparations.Soviet Union demanded the control of Eritrea as Molotov said in his speech at UN and the two largest battleships from Italian Navy as war reparations.Both Littorio and Vittorio Veneto were at that time interned at Great Salt Lake in Egypt along the Canal of Suez with their 15 inch main gunnery locks removed. Thus because the Soviet demands were rejected they did not return the FS locomotives. Instead,of those locomotives they took three locomotives into Soviet Union as " war reparations ".
In Italy,during the years 1961-1964,frames wheels and coupling rods from withdrawn class 835 locomotives were used in building the new locomotives, 40 E321 and 20 E322 class electric shunting locomotives and to 39 diesel- hydraulic shunters of the class 234. Withdrawals continued but as late as in 1980 there were still some 30 class 835 locomotuves in the FS active list. One,835.186 fas been preserved at Leonardo da Vinci Miseum in Milano.
From those nine class 835 locomotives which were in May 1935 in the SBZ three were taken over by the Russian Occupying Authorities and send into Soviet Union. The 835.142 was repaired at Meiningen Works in January 1945 and was still without its FS number plates when moved to Soviet Union in July 1945. FrLocomotive 835.122 was taken over on 10.08.1947 and transfered to Soviet Union.The transfer date of 835.359 is not known.It seems that these two went to Ministry of Interior ownership and were allocated to some GULAG-lager railways. In addition, two locomotives 835.038 and 835.339 were operated by the SMA-D as Trofya locomotives numbers 678 and 678 in Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany.But these two remained in DRo and were later transfered to DR books in 1949.
The history of the locomotives which remained in DDR is also of interest.
835.038 ex T-678 was allocated on 01.11.1949 to Bw Riesa Rbd Dresden + 09.1955
835.075 was allocated to Bw Wittenberge Rbd Schwerin and was later send to work shop on 17.12.1951 for repairs or scrap.Its later fate is unknown.
835.122 was allocated to Bw Zwickau,Rbd Dresden.On 10.08.1947 to SMA-D.
835.134 was allocated to Bw Riesa,Rbd Dresden.It was used by the Germans later at Bw Dresden-Friedrichstadt until sold in July 1953 to industrial use for Steelworks Riesa.
835.227 was allocated to Bw Leipziger Bayer Bf,Rbd Halle.It was later on 20.10.1953 sold to Steelworks Grцditz.
835.264 was allocated to Bw Jutenbog,Rbd Berlin.It was sold via Comecon Trade Orginasation in August 1951 to yet unknown customer.
835.339 ex T-679 was allocated on 01.11.1949 to Bw Eberswalde Rbd Greifswald. It was written off from DR books on 06.11.1952.
835.389 was allocated to Rbd Greifswald.All other information is missing.

The class 835.001-370 builder details are as follows:
835.001-020Breda786 - 8051906
835.021-030Breda910 - 9191907
835.031-071Breda950 - 9901908
835.072-097Breda1001 - 10261908
835.098-100Breda1027 - 10291908
835.101-125Breda1040 - 10641908
835.126-150Breda1065 - 10891909
835.151-173OfMe287 - 3031910
835.174-190OfMeN310 - 3261910
835.191-200OfMe329 - 3361911
835.201-222OfMe355 - 3761911
835.223-254OfMeN377 - 4081911
835.255-286OfMeN436 - 4671912
835.287-296OfMeN640 - 6491915
835.297-300OfMeN652 - 6551915
835.301-302OfMeN660 - 6611915
835.303-304OfMeN662 - 6631916
835.305-310Regg25 - 301915
835.311-316Regg31 - 361916
835.317-328OfMe741 - 7521921
835.329-336Regg57 - 641920
835.337-346Regg65 - 741921
835.347-370Ansa1221 - 12441922

Breda = Ernesto Breda, Milano
OfMe = Mechanical Works, Milano
OfMeN = Mechanical Works, Milano, Napoli Works
Regg = Italian Mechanical Works, Reggio Emilia
Ansa = Alsaldo, Sampierdarena

Jukka Nurminen