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When asked by Soviet Union ( MPS ) to celebrate the nearing 50-years anniversary of " The Great October Revolution " in 1957 VR decided to repair at HyvinkДД Works its Class H2 locomotive ( already taken out from active list and waiting for scrapping ) No 293 2C-h2 Richmond 2991 / 1900 and cede it to Soviet Union for memory mark to Leningrad Finland Station to celebrate the Vladimir Iljitsh Uljanov ( Lenin ) successful escape from Petrograd in 1917 when he escaped in this locomotive the Kerenski secret police ( Ohrana ) to The Grand Duchy of Finland for hiding. The Soviet Authorities asked also drawings for such wood burning chimney which the locomotive had in 1917. Offically the locomotive was presented by the Finnish Government to Soviet Union on 13.06 1957. The locomotive had also a plate where reads " Suomen hallitus lahjoitti tДnДn veturin Sosialististen Neuvostotasavaltojen Liiton hallitukselle muistoksi niistД matkoista jotka V.I.Lenin vaikeina aikoina on sillД Suomen kamaralla tehnyt ". ( The Finnish Government presented this locomotive for the Government of Socialistic Soviet Republics for memory of those journeys which V.I.Lenin had made on those difficult times in Finnish earthground. )

It was Finnish locomotive driver Hugo Jalava who took Uljanov ( masked as fireman ) on his locomotive at VR Petrograd depot.This escape was organized by the left wing Finnish Social Democrats which also offered to V.I.Uljanov hiding places in Finnish side of the border. The fireman travelled beforehand to Terijoki ( on the local train locomotive ). Uljanov had to fire the wood burning locomotive from Petrograd to Valkeasaari ( Beloostrov ). The train was P 1 night sleeping car Petrograd-Helsinki express. When the Russian Gendarmies started at Valkeasaari search for passengers passports Jalava coupled his locomotive off from the train and drive it to water tower to take water. Uljanov was very nervous and affraid and he could not do anything as Hugo Jalava told later. When the Gendarmies had finished their passport control and withdrew from the train with Ohrana Officials to Custom House with few other suspects which were arrested,Jalava backed his locomotive and coupled the engine into train.In this he was helped by local station employer, but as it was night the Russian Guards did not pay any attention what happened in locomotive. Uljanov came to Terijoki ( now Zelenogorsk ) where he stepped out from locomotive and was replaced by the ordinary fireman.He was taken to secure hiding place and with new identification document continued later his journey to Helsinki and Tampere. As Jalava told later he had never seen such hands ( like womans hands ) belonging to any VR fireman. Had the Gendarmies checked the locomotive Uljanov would have been arrested at ones because of his hands.

Jukka Nurminen