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In 1909 the Dutch " Staatsspoorwegen " ( State Railways ) ordered from British locomotive builder Beyer Peacock & Co Ltd, Gorton Foundry,Manchester, the first batch of four cylinder simple expansion 2C-h4 passenger locomotives for express and heavy passenger service in Nederland ( Netherlands ). The locomotives were found very popular among the Dutch locomotive men and a grate of 2.84 sq.m was easy to fired with Limburg coal.The cylinders ( 4 ) were 400 x 660 mm and the dia of the driwing wheels 1850 mm which gave the locomotives Vmax 90 kph. Boiler pressure was 12 atm.and the valve gear was of Walschaert system. The steaming surface was 130 m2 and superheater 41 m2.
Over the years more and more locomotives were ordered. In 1921 when the HSM ( Hollandsche Ijzeren Spoorweg Maatschappij ) and SS ( Staatsspoorwegen ) were amalgamed to form the State owned " Nederlandsche Spoorwegen ", NS, there were already 115 locomotives in service. From 1921 to 1939 this class PO3 was the principal passenger train locomotive on NS lines.In 1920s and 1930s when the new 2C-h4 locomotives replaced them in international express train service,they were transferred to lighter passenger trains and semifast long distance trains.
The Deutsche Reichsbahn leased locomotives Nos 3794-3798 from February 1942 to January 1944 from NS. In September 1944 when the Dutch railway workers went to strike the Germans started to send DRB personel and locomotives to Netherlands.They also started to transfer the NS locomotives to Germany. Five locomotives of class PO3 were sent in September 1944 to RBD Kцnigsberg Nos 3713,3725,3757,3792 and 3797. All five were still there in April 1945 when the Red Army captured East Prussia. They were used on Kцnigsberg - Labiau - Tilsit 123.7 km line as long as the line was still in European gauge 1435 mm. When the gauge was changed in 1946? to 1524 mm the locomotives were placed to sidings to wait their destiny. According to Estonian railway historian ( former depot chief at Tallinn- Vдike narrow gauge depot, ) Engineer Juri Loog, they were allocated in 1946 as follows.

NS 3713Kцnigsberg-Rothensten 7.3 km from Kцnigsberg Hbf
NS 3715Kцnigsberg-Rothenstein 7.3 km from Kцnigsberg Hbf
NS 3725Kцnigsberg-Rothenstein 7.3 km from Kцnigsberg Hbf
NS 3757Kuggen 24.5 km from Kцnigsberg Hbf

According to him all were written off from MPS books in 1951. But an Latvian railwayman noted in 1951 that all locomotives had painted in white to their tender wall " For Korea ".
Here the Dutch and Soviet sources do not fit.According the Dutch sources No 3715 was returned to Netherlands and was written off from NS books in 1950.Instead they show no 3792 and 3797 missing. Later It was found from Leningrad archive that the " bes serija " included also 2C No 3792. Thus this led to conclusion that the locomotive which was recorded as 3715 was actually 3997.Maybe the Germans had changed boilers and locomotive number plates at RAW Kцnigsberg in September 1944 when they repaired the locomotives for further use in East Prussia. Anyway.all four locomotives dissapeared from scene in 1951.
In May 1945 66 locomotives from NS class PO3 were missing.At last 53 were found and returned to Netherlands. Eight locomotives of this class were found from Soviet Occupying Zone in Germany ( which become in 1949 DDR ).

NS 3719Rbd SchwerinBw Rostock+ 15.11.1952 -> North Korea ?
NS 3735Rbd GreifswaldBw Pasewalk+ 07.1957
NS 3751Rbd SchwerinBw Rostock+ 15.11.1952 -> North Korea ?
NS 3763Rbd GreifswaldBw Pasewalk+ 07.1957
NS 3773Rbd SchwerinBw Hagenow Land+ 15.11.1952 -> North Korea ?
NS 3777Rbd GreifswaldBw Pasewalk+ 07.1957
NS 3795Rbd MagdeburgBw Halberstadt+ 11.1955
NS 3801Rbd GreifswaldBw Pasewalk+ 07.1957

Of these only NS 3719 and 3751 were in running order at Rostock and in use to 1947.All others were " abgestellt " cold to the sidings. It is rumoured that despite being written off from DR " Foreign locomotive list " those which were written off in 1952 were actually sold as scrap metal at price 3 Ostmark per ton via Comecon to North Koreans. Those which dissapeared in 1957 were scrapped in nearest Raw ( workshop ).
In Netherlands there was after war an acute shortage of workshop capacity to rapair the damaged locomotives. NS 3703,3705,3716,3734,3753,3760 and 3802 were sent to Denmark for repairs. Eventually NS had decided to eliminate steam traction as soon as possible and spending money for steam locomotive repairs was considered surplus. In 1951 No 3757 was written off from the books as a result of an collision with locomotive No 4525. The remaining 99 locomotives continued in service to 1953 when the withdawals of the class started. All were written off from NS books in 1953 -1958. The last locomotive in service No 3737 hauled its last train on 07.01.1958 from Roosendaal to Utrecht.

Locomotive list NS class PO3
SS 701-706NS 3701-37062C-h4Beyer Peacock5370-53751910
SS 707-718NS 3707-37182C-h4Beyer Peacock5451-54621911
SS 719-730NS 3719-37302C-h4Beyer Peacock5640-56511913
SS 695-699NS 3731-37352C-h4Beyer Peacock5721-57251913
SS 700NS 37362C-h4Beyer Peacock57261914
SS 731-740NS 3737-37462C-h4Werkspoor272-2811911
SS 741-742NS 3747-37482C-h4Werkspoor282-2831912
SS 743-750NS 3749-37562C-h4Werkspoor305-3121913
SS 751-755NS 3757-37612C-h4Werkspoor332-3361913
SS 756-760NS 3762-37662C-h4Werkspoor337-3411914
SS 761-766NS 3767-37722C-h4Werkspoor361-3661915
SS 767-774NS 3773-37802C-h4Werkspoor422-4291918
SS 775-778NS 3781-38842C-h4Werkspoor430-4331919
SS 779-784NS 3785-37902C-h4Werkspoor482-4871921
SS 785-799NS 3791-38052C-h2Henschel17744-177581920
SS 685-689NS 3806-38102C-h4Hanomag9343-93471920
SS 690-691NS 3811-38122C-h4Hanomag9349-93501920
SS 692NS 38132C-h4Hanomag93481920
SS 693-694NS 3814-38152C-h4Hanomag9351-93521921

NS diesel mechanical small shunters 1435 mm gauge were transferred by the Germans from Netherlands to Germany in 1944. Where used in Mittel Deutsche Industriegebiet synthetic benzine works as industrial locomotives in 1944-1945.

Werkspoor 649 - 66019321435 4wh Dsl-mechNS 201-212From SBZ-D NS 201,206 1945 to Soviet Union
Werkspoor 663 - 70319351435 4wh Dsl-mechNS 213-253From SBZ-D NS 216,224,240 1945 to Soviet Union
Werkspoor 707 - 73319361435 4wh Dsl-mechNS 254-280From SBZ-D NS 258,261,266,268 1945 to Soviet Union
no data available in Finland.1435 4wh Dsl-mechNS 281-306From SBZ-D NS 282,287 1945 to Soviet Union
Werkspoor 768 - 78219401435 4wh Dsl-mechNS 307-321 
no data available in Finland.1435 4wh BensNS 102-119 
Werkspoor 613 - 64519311435 4wh BensNS 120-152 

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