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PKP locomotives taken over by NKPS in September 1939 from Eastern Poland occupied by Socialistic Soviet Republics League ( Soviet Union ).

PKPPd15 locomotivesPKPTh243 locomotivesPKPTw119 locomotives
PKPPd24 locomotivesPKPTi240 locomotivesPKPTw1272 locomotives
PKPPd424 locomotivesPKPTi31 locomotivePKPTy23164 locomotives
PKPPd526 locomotivesPKPTi496 locomotivesPKPTy378 locomotives
PKPPd121 locomotivePKPTi116 locomotivesPKPOki15 locomotives
PKPPd133 locomotivesPKPTi1261 locomotivesPKPOkl111 locomotive
PKPPd147 locomotivesPKPTi1613 locomotivesPKPOkl124 locomotives
PKPPf122 locomotivesPKPTi173 locomotivesPKPOkl2715 locomotives
PKPPk15 locomotivesPKPTp161 locomotivesPKPOkl1019 locomotives
PKPPk22 locomotivesPKPTp2112 locomotivesPKPOKm117 locomotives
PKPPm361 locomotivePKPTp345 locomotivesPKPOkz328 locomotives
PKPPn116 locomotivesPKPTp4128 locomotivesPKPTkh18 locomotives
PKPPn1217 locomotivesPKPTp1561 locomotivesPKPTkh171 locomotive
PKPPt3136 locomotivesPKPTp175 locomotivesPKPTkh182 locomotives
PKPPu292 locomotivesPKPTp1022 locomotivesPKPTki123 locomotives
PKPOd214 locomotivesPKPTp10441 locomotivesPKPTki21 locomotive
PKPOi136 locomotivesPKPTp10613 locomotivesPKPTki359 locomotives
PKPOi1017 locomotivesPKPTp1081 locomotivePKPTkp13 locomotives
PKPOk198 locomotivesPKPTr132 locomotivesPKPTkp1115 locomotives
PKPOk2274 locomotivesPKPTr11111 locomotivesPKPTkp125 locomotives
PKPOl115 locomotivesPKPTr1295 locomotivesPKPTkp1013 locomotives
PKPOl1265 locomotivesPKPTr2061 locomotivesPKPTkt117 locomotives
PKPOl1031 locomotivePKPTr2132 locomotivesPKPTkt24 locomotives
PKPOm1011 locomotivePKPTr10322 locomotivesPKpTkw110 locomotives
PKPOs2450 locomotivesPKPTw186 locomotives 

Total 2074 ex PKP locomotives in NKPS locomotive books.

This figure is incomplete.For example class Tp104 ex Russian Ov D-n2v .PKP had on books on 31.07.1939 92 class Tp104 locomotives.All were allocated to DOKP Wilno and Radom.The Germans did not capture a single locomotive from this class.Two were driven by the Poles to Lithuania but where are the missing 49 locomotives? Another example.It is known from written memories that Pacific Om101-1 was used to haul the Gold Reserve train all the way from Warzsawa to Roumanian Cernauti ( Cernowitz ) and the locomotive was left there along with many other PKP locomotives which the Roumanians allowed to cross the Polish- Roumanian border with PKP evacuation trains.In addition it seems that the Russians re-activited number of locomotives already written off from PKP books and offically abandoned but still remaided on side tracks waiting for scrapping.At least 23 class Tr104 lococomotives were at Lwow Works abandoned by PKP but not scrapped.Also it is well known from newspaper that the Poles drowe two Turmantas class Tki3 locomotives to Latvian Zemgale on 17.09.1939 when the Red Army crossed the border and entered to Eastern Poland.

According to German source there were at least in Soviet hands on 31.12.1939 former PKP :

Pd 528 locos
Pk 18 locos
Pk 21 loco
Pu 292 locos
Pt 3145 locos
Pm 361 loco
Oi 137 locos
Ok 1102 locos
Ok 2288 locos
Os 2452 locos
Oki 18 locos
Okl 2711 locos
Okz 329 locos
Ti 13 locos
Ti 243 locos
Ti 312 locos
Ti 4107 locos
Tp 171 locos
Tp 2132 locos
Tp 348 locos
Tp 4189 locos
Tr 132 locos
Tr 11112 locos
Tr 12112 locos
Tr 2088 locos
Tr 2148 locos
Tw 173 locos
Tw 1281 locos
Ty 11 loco
Ty 2384 locos
Ty 3710 locos
Tki 372 locos
Tkp 13 locos
Tkp 1114 locos
Tkt 120 locos
Tkw 110 locos

Total 1840 .

Jukka Nurminen